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Here are the books you should read next, based on your favorite classics 

To help with the book hunt, we sorted through the new releases of 2014 to find the worthy contenders that have something in common with your old favorites. That beloved comfort read might be the path to your next great find.

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black excellence

No, human excellence.

Let’s talk about set theory! In mathematical logic, we have a subfield called “set theory” where we study how items are collected into groups.

Providing a sort of logical bedrock, set theory informs foundational mathematics and computer science, among other fields, and continues to be a topic of mathematical research.

Sound too esoteric? Okay, you’re familiar with Venn diagrams, right? Venn diagrams are an example of basic set theory.


And you know how all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares? There we go, more set theory.

So, Black people are group within the larger group humans, i.e. all Black people are humans, BUT not all humans are Black people.

As you can see in the photograph above, Keven Stonewall, the Chicago teen who may cure colon cancer, is Black. Keven Stonewall’s membership in other groups such as humans, Chicagoans and teenagers occurs simultaneously; consider “Chicago teen.”

Why do we say “square” when we could say “rectangle”? Because “square” conveys useful information, including “rectangle”—as well as a refinement.

When we say Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence, we mean Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence.



Black excellence! And … Black Chicago excellence! Repping the South side, I’m so proud of him! Rush University is great!

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Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog (x)

The original FUCK Elvis!

You heard it right. Elvis stole the song from her and got all the credit.

White artists stealing black art and  sterilizing it for white audiences is nothing new. 

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I got interviewed about my new book Queer and Trans Artists of Color: Stories of Some of Our Lives by my best friend, Luna Merbruja for youngist! Read the interview here.

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I would definitely read Witch Weekly.


1,200 aboriginal Canadian women have gone missing over the past 30 years. Hashtag asks #AmINext?

On Aug. 17, Winnipeg police pulled the body of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine out of the Red River near Alexander Docks.

The scope of the tragedy prompted Holly Jarret of Hamilton, Ont. — cousin to Loretta Saunders, an indigenous woman who was murdered in February at age 26 — to launch the #AmINext hashtag earlier this month.

So, what’s being done about it? | Follow micdotcom

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Bacteria. Révai Nagy Lexikona. 1911.

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" I love those mornings when you wake to darkness and no one is asking anything of you. You’re under no pressure to exist. This is something of which I am in constant need. "

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can i make it any more obvious?

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Paper Art, Maude White

and I didn’t want to cut out bat silhouettes 

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Open your eyes.

New age Genocide 

reblogging again

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“I remember when I was doing “Rent” and I was too thin, and I was doing that on purpose because I’m dying, I’m a HIV+ drug addict. I remember having to eat raw food and doing all this work to make sure I could stay thin… And I remember everyone asking me when I was doing press for the movie, “what did you do to get so thin? You looked great!” and I’m like, “I looked emaciated.” It’s a form of violence in the way that we look at women and how we expect them to look and be, for… what’s sake? No…

I love her so much, you guys.

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